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Boys from reception to Year 8 study art at the New Beacon. Whilst the younger boys enjoy the freedom that creativity naturally gives a young child, the older boys start to understand that there is not necessarily a right or wrong way to do something, there are less restrictions and they practice decision making within the lessons, ‘mistakes’ become problem solving that is documented in their sketchbooks and this is as important as their final outcomes. 

Art is not just about developing creativity however, it gives the boys so much more. We enhance their knowledge of other cultures and religions, giving them a better understanding and respect for the wider world.  Art can build confidence, perseverance and focus. We encourage self-expression and imagination, and love to see what the boys come up with. The boys learn to work collaboratively and solve problems together and independently. Art also helps with motor skills, visual spatial skills and focus, which in turn supports the rest of their learning.

At the New Beacon we cover a wide spectrum of materials and processes. We keep our pupils engaged by adding pace to their projects. Our great facilities offer the opportunity to firstly draw, print and paint which then leads on to ceramics, textiles, photography, animation, sculpture, mixed media and casting. We ensure that the boys try as much as possible. When they reach Senior School they start to focus on the areas they enjoy most, creating individual artworks for our annual art exhibition.

The boys start to learn about artists and cultural art in Reception and this continues all the way to Year 8. As they get older the boys learn about art movements and start to understand how art has naturally evolved and changed.

There is a weekly ‘art club’ where each term we focus on something different. Whether this is animation, silk painting, a group mural or photography it is great to see boys from different year groups working together with enjoyment.

Art at the New Beacon is strong and as a result of this we have had a number of art scholars in recent years. The selected boys work very hard to build a portfolio for their scholarship interview throughout Year 8, which is well supported within the Art department.