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CPSHE enables pupils to work together on issues of concern. It gives them the confidence and skills that they need to act with others to tackle real problems in society. This is done by researching and debating political, moral and social problems that may be faced by society now and in the future.

In the Pre-Prep and Junior School the boys are encouraged to work together, appreciate each other’s skills and to think about how we are all unique and learn in different ways. As they move into the Junior School circle time enables more group time which leads to discussion, problem solving and evaluating given situations.

Within the Middle School the importance of healthy living, encompassing diet, exercise and personal hygiene is explored. The role of rules and regulations in society is considered, including rules within the school and those within the context of sport. Pupils are introduced to the fundamental principles of the legal system and hold mock trials. Time is also spent considering possible motivations for crimes such as theft and burglary and whether these could ever constitute extenuating circumstances.

Year 6 also visit the Sutton Life Centre during the summer term which is a state of the art educational and community facility in South London promoting good citizenship, personal safety and the environment. The two hour Life Skills Tour helps to empower the children to make educated choices about the numerous challenges and situations that they will encounter during their time maturing from children to young adults.

In the Senior School the topics explored reflect the more adult issues to which the modern adolescent is exposed. These include crime, tobacco, money management and consumer rights and responsibilities. In their final year, the boys experience a Drugsline Education led interactive workshop on Drugs and Alcohol Education. They look further at bullying and they undertake a course in sex and relationship education, incorporating such elements as relationships, marriage, contraception, STDs and STIs and the organisations that deal with such issues.