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Drama flourishes at the New Beacon at a variety of scales and levels. Formally, each section of the school puts on a production each year in which every boy participates.

Pre-Prep Nativity

The Pre-Prep stages a nativity play just before Christmas, with each year group putting on its own colourful show.

Year 4 plays

The Junior School engages the Year 4 boys to perform what is always a splendily staged musical with a twist.  Of late we have enjoyed The Wind in the Willows, Treasure Island, Robin Hood, The Pied Piper of Hamstring and Posh in Boots.

Year 6 plays

Year 6 represents the Middle School with a musically based performance in the Spring Term. Recent productions have been Rats, The Jungle Book, 1605 And All That!, Oliver! and Treasure Island Adventure.

Year 8 plays

The Year 8 leavers’ final party piece is a major production which is rehearsed, staged and produced in the space of three weeks; moreover, much of the musical accompaniment is played by the boys themselves.  In the past few years, departing parents have been delighted to see The Blues Brothers, We Will Rock You, Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat, Bugsy Malone, Do you hear the People Sing? and Thank You for the Music.

Performance features too across all years on a less formal basis. Participation in an assembly, reading a prayer in Chapel, producing a skit for a company or form meeting are all part of the New Beacon week, which the boys seem to take within their stride.

Support is provided for boys wishing to pursue a drama scholarship and a weekly after-school activity is run by the Headmaster.

Most boys have the opportunity either to see a live commercial performance on stage or to join in with one of the many groups of travelling players who visit the New Beacon each year.