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‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’
George Santayana

From the clash of arms on a distant battlefield to the development of parliamentary democracy and the role of monarchy today, history is a vibrant and vital subject for today’s generation. At the New Beacon, history is taught with passion and academic rigour giving the pupils access to their culture, their heritage and their country’s place and role in the shaping of world events.

The syllabus we follow is wide-ranging and exciting, from Vikings terrorising the local population, to the Norman Conquest where our history was forever changed on the field of battle one October day; from the Roman occupation of Britain to the Normandy landings where so many soldiers gave their lives defending the cause of freedom against tyranny. Each topic is covered in a suitable way for the age group using a range of different teaching styles and techniques and supplemented by school trips and visits to places such as Duxford Imperial War Museum, Chatham Naval Dockyard, the National Portrait Gallery and a Year 8 residential trip to France (battles of Agincourt, Crecy and a Somme battlefield tour).

The boys are prepared for the rigorous Common Entrance exam with its emphasis on detailed source analysis and analytical essay writing as well as the individual scholarship papers set by the senior schools themselves. Critical thinking and the ability to express a cogent and coherent argument in a structured and organised way are key features of the course we follow, vital skills for life.

‘We can’t have an informed citizenry if historic facts are hidden from future generations.’