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ICT plays an integral role in every aspect of our lives and at the New Beacon we aim to prepare each and every boy by giving him a skill set that will allow him to tackle any number of problems that he may face in his school career, business career, or in general day-to-day life.

We aim to provide the skills needed in an environment that is relaxed and with material that is fun. At all times, computers are emphasised as being little more than tools that allow us to complete a given task in an easier, more efficient manner.

Teaching is generally based around larger projects, making sure that boys learn the basics of saving, closing (and reopening) files. We also emphasise the need to work in a methodical manner that ensures proper organisation of files and resources within each boy's personal workspace. These projects are designed to ensure an easier transition to senior school and the rigours of general, cross-curricular, ICT-based coursework as well as discrete ICT. To this end, many projects tie in to other subjects directly - by working with other class teachers and Heads of Department, using ICT to prepare material, projects, write-ups, etc. - or indirectly by researching background to major projects or fields of study.

Boys are encouraged to apply their learning from ICT lessons to other subject projects. Simply because they are doing a French or CPSHE slideshow for example, it does not mean they ignore the techniques taught in their ICT lessons.

Software and resources used in ICT lessons are, wherever possible, freely available/accessible on computers at home to encourage pupils to make use of the techniques they have been taught. Examples of this include Microsoft Office, Windows Moviemaker, BBC Dancemat, etc. Whenever specialist software is needed in lessons, pupils will be given the opportunity to purchase this software for home use as discounted rate.