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Scholarship Successes

The New Beacon community celebrates success, none more so than achievements of those boys who have shown superior flair, skill and talent in a wide range of spheres, both within and without the classroom.

We are proud of these boys and a record of their outstanding achievements over recent years are shown below.  The Honours’ Boards hanging in the school dining room are a testimony to successes that go back in excess of one hundred years.

 Scholarship Successes
CHARTERHOUSE Music Exhibition OCT Everitt
SEVENOAKS SCHOOL Academic Scholarship M Marar
  Music Scholarship M Marar
  Design Technology Scholarship TD Llewellyn
TONBRIDGE SCHOOL Academic Scholarship ES Adams
    LW Black
    SJF Ford
    OE Glen
  Knightley Scholarship SC Beverley
  Music Scholarship SJF Ford
ARDINGLY COLLEGE Sports Scholarship ZCD Lenhart
    TSJ Williams
CATERHAM SCHOOL Academic Scholarship P Jato
  Art & Design Scholarship JWA Featherstone
  Boarding Scholarship RMA Bailey
    P Jato
  Sports Scholarship RMA Bailey
    FJ Lewis
HARROW SCHOOL Sports Scholarship GAM White
KING'S SCHOOL, CANTERBURY Academic Scholarship E Gaut
  Cannon and Blenkinsop Scholar EF Pickstone
  Music Scholarship E Gaut
    EF Pickstone
SEVENOAKS SCHOOL Academic Scholarship AW Hall
  McEuen Scholarship K Hayashi
  Music Scholarship K Hayashi
  11+ Academic Scholarship R Hayashi
  11+ Music Scholarship  R Hayashi
TONBRIDGE SCHOOL Academic Scholarship BCJ Gardner
  Ainslie Scholarship (top award) JAF Craggs
  Cowdrey Scholarship HC Bevan-Thomas
  Music Scholarship BCJ Gardner
CATERHAM SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  L Green
     T Green
   Sports Scholarship  L Green 
     T Green 
CRANBROOK SCHOOL  Latin Scholarship  SH Jenkins 
SEVENOAKS SCHOOL   Academic Scholarship  A Hayward 
     T Hayward 
   11+ Academic Scholarship  RLJ Allen
     SJF Ford 
   11+ Music Scholarship   JRF King 
   11+ Music Exhibition   SJF Ford
SUTTON VALENCE SCHOOL   Sports Scholarship  JJ Hughes
TONBRIDGE SCHOOL   Academic Scholarship   GDA Adams
     MW Beverley 
     CD Leigh 
   Ainslie Scholarship (top award)  BDK Burgess
   Art Scholarship  GDA Adams
   DT & Engineering Scholarship  CD Leigh
   Knightley Scholarship  BJ Todd
   Music Scholarship   BDK Burgess
     BJ Todd
ARDINGLY COLLEGE  Sports Scholarship  RD Zanelli
CATERHAM SCHOOL  Revd Josiah Viney Scholarship  JPG Baxter
   Music Scholarship  JPG Baxter
EASTBOURNE COLLEGE  Music Exhibition   MA Lesseps 
REPTON SCHOOL  Sports Scholarship  MBR Thomas
SEVENOAKS SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  ACS Chambers
     ER Geake
     JJ Robinson
   Sports Scholarship  CW Roberts
   Music Exhibition  JJ Robinson
TONBRIDGE SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  CJ Corrin
     AP Kinsler O'Sullivan
   Art Scholarship  JLM Driessen
   Drama Scholarship  JD Hunter
   Music Exhibition  CAM Brown
 ETON COLLEGE  King's Scholarship   J Wang 
   Music Exhibition  J Wang
 LINGFIELD NOTRE DAME    Art Scholarship  OD Nott 
 SACKVILLE SCHOOL  Sports Scholarship  JD Thomas 
 SEVENOAKS SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship   MH Robeyns 
     P Tooteja
 TONBRIDGE SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  JCS Macaulay 
     MJ Smith
     OW Todd
   Art Scholarship  JA Ayers
   Knightley Scholarship  HCA Weston
   Music Scholarship  JG Holman
       OW Todd
 ETON COLLEGE  King's Scholarship  A Wang
 KING'S SCHOOL, ROCHESTER  Music Scholarship  GS Hancock
   Organ Scholarship  GS Hancock
 SEVENOAKS SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  ND Robinson
   11+ Music Exhibition  RA Easton
 SUTTON VALENCE SCHOOL  Sports Scholarship  JR Bevan-Thomas 
 TONBRIDGE SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  JCA Huang
     RK Hunter
     P Magee
   Art Scholarship  JCA Huang
   Drama Scholarship  JE Eden
   Knightley Scholarship  FP Kinsler O'Sullivan 
 CHARTERHOUSE  Foundation Scholarship   RJ Corrin
 EASTBOURNE COLLEGE  Design & Technology  Scholarship  FGH Gregorie
 LINGFIELD NOTRE DAME   11+ Sports Scholarship  JET Phillips
 SEVENOAKS SCHOOL  Art Scholarship  NC Penney
 TONBRIDGE SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  ES Ayers
     TB Green
     HA Knox
     WE Macaulay
   Cowdrey Scholarship  Z Crawley
   Music Scholarship  AD Davis
     WE Macaulay
 WESTMINSTER SCHOOL  Queen's Scholarship (top award)  LJ Berry
 CATERHAM SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  JS Parr
 ETON COLLEGE  Music Exhibition  WAP Tucker
 SEVENOAKS SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  CN Cooke
   Sports Scholarship   TP Brunt
     FM Lewthwaite
 TONBRIDGE SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  HJ Buisseret
     OT Moynes
   Art Scholarship  AD Mason
   Music Scholarship  JR Olsen
 SEVENOAKS SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  CWR Ingham
     EC Thomas
     BB Warwick-Champion
   Music Scholarship  WNE Wood
   Sports Scholarship  JH Rossouw
TONBRIDGE SCHOOL  Academic Scholarship  RC Goodson
     JE Monkhouse
     GJ van Setten
   Ainslie Scholarship (top award)  AJT van Leeuwen
   Art Scholarship  CF Anderson
   Cowdrey Scholarship  JED Urquhart
   Knightley Scholarship  TW Sparkes
   Music Scholarship  AJT van Leeuwen
 WHITGIFT SCHOOL  11+ Sports Scholarship  TO Thomas
 WORTH SCHOOL  All-Rounder Sports Scholarship  LH Payne