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Head's Welcome

The New Beacon is a place of both energy and success, both individual and corporate. There is no doubt that a clear mission, high expectations and excellent teaching lead to achievement: they can all be found in this school.

In the classroom, on the sports field, in the music room, the art, design and technology departments, or even in the way members of the school community support each other, there is no doubt that New Beacon boys strive for personal excellence. It is our ambition to help them in this and in reaching their full potential.

Enjoy browsing our website which gives a flavour of what we do and the achievements of New Beacon boys, and feel free to contact us for further information or to arrange a visit.


The New Beacon provides a broad, balanced, intellectual, creative and spiritual education with academic achievement at its heart. Boys are challenged and encouraged, with equal opportunity for all. It is our aim that boys achieve their best through high expectation, excellent teaching and nurtured confidence.

All who work at The New Beacon strive for the highest possible standards in every aspect of the school community and education for the boys. Teachers are specialists in their field, highly professional, dedicated and ambitious for their charges. We believe each boy is an individual and our pastoral care is tailored to help him achieve his best.

Respect underpins every strand of school life: respect for the school, its values and traditions; respect for each other – adult and pupil alike; respect for self. Respect for ‘difference’, regardless of background, culture, belief, opinion, ability or character. We believe in ‘acceptance’ rather than ‘tolerance’. We wish to engender in boys the value of ‘community’, family, school, local and global, through which they have a growing understanding of the world and their place in it.

We ask each boy to strive for personal excellence, aiming to be the best he can be, making the most of every opportunity and possibility. We aim to develop initiative and responsible independence; realistic and respectful ambition. We like our Year 8 leavers to be problem solvers who can take responsibility for their work and for their lives.

Many people who meet Beacon Boys remark on the qualities which we endorse: good manners and courtesy; sporting etiquette; confidence (but not arrogance); intellectual curiosity, creativity and innovation.

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