Thursday, 24th April 2014



Dubrovnik Chapel Choir Tour


The Chapel Choir's tour to Dubrovnik in the first week of half term was a fabulous experience that boys, parents and staff alike are unlikely to forget.


Dubrovnik proved the perfect place to take a group of boys - a beautiful walled, pedestrian only city, bathed in hot sunshine so that most days the boys were swimming in the clear waters of the Adriatic to cool off.


We rehearsed in a stunning Dominican Monastery in the mornings, and then went to the Cathedral to sing Mass one evening and to perform a concert with the theme 'A Chorister's Year' the subsequent night.


The Cathedral clergy were warm and welcoming, and, after Mass, the presiding priest personally treated each of the boys to an ice cream as thanks!


Our thanks go to all those parents who came to Dubrovnik to fill the cathedral each evening, and especially to the Parent Choir, whose vocal support was invaluable. Thanks also to all the staff who organised and led the trip, and, most especially, to the boys, who worked very hard and also had, we hope, a fantastic time.


The Chapel Choir returned recently from a highly successful tour of Rome (October 2010).