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Saturday, 19th April 2014



Music Notes

Information about the Music curriculum can be found in the PARENTS / Downloads / Curriculum / Music Resources area.

Pre Prep Chapel Services

Reception, Year 1 and 2 boys took part in Chapel Services on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th May. They each told the story of Noah and his ark through fantastic speaking, acting and songs. You can hear two of the songs below.


Reception - Who Built the Ark

Yr1 and 2 - From the Tiny Ant


Music Videos

Watch some video clips, by clicking on the titles below:-

African Drumming Workshop

Junior School Orchestra

Chapel Choir

Middle School Chapel Choir


Year 6 Play - 'RATS'

In the last week of term, Year 6 presented their performance of 'RATS'. The Headmaster congratulated all the boys for what they had achieved in only 2-weeks of rehearsals. He also thanked all the staff and parents who had been involved and supported the boys; in particular, Mr Probert, Mrs Piercy, Mr O'Prey and Mrs Armstrong. You can listen to the 'encore' in the audio extracts below.

Audio Extract


Year 4's Production - 'Wind in the Willows'

After much hard work, Year 4 presented their performances of ‘Wind in the Willows’; which parents and friends clearly very much appreciated. The Headmaster and Mrs Arney, play director, both paid tribute to the boys’ achievements; especially remembering that they are only around 8 years old! The boys also had many distractions, in the form of their academic work, and various sports matches and tournaments. Special thanks were extended to Mrs Blackford, as musical director, and to class teachers, other staff, and parents for many forms of support.

Audio Extract


Company Music Competition

Following the more formal School Concert the previous evening, the Company Music Competition was held on the last afternoon of the half-term. There were categories for Best Instrumentalist, Best Vocalist, Best Company Song, and overall Company Winner. These were won by: Andrew Davis (Drake), Ben Shepherd-Barron (Marlborough), Nelson and Drake respectively. The adjudicator was Mr Tom Lee, assisted by Mr Andrew Snowdon. You can see some photographs below, and an audio extract.

Audio Extract


Exam Results 2013


Associated Board Exam Results - March 2013


Grade One

Eddie Adams Singing Merit
Eddie Adams Cello Merit
Max Beverley Piano Pass
Christian Blandford Piano Merit
Tyler Green Piano Pass
Phoenix Jato Piano Merit
Patrick O'Connel Cello Pass
Sebastian Oliver Cello Merit
Hugh Piper Cello Merit
Henry Smith Piano Pass
Luke Wilson Violin Pass

Grade Two

Theo Brown Violin Pass
Benjamin Gardner Organ Merit
Edward Harris Flute Merit
Zak Iqbal Violin Pass
James King Piano Merit
Thomas McCarthy Violin Pass
Afa Nfor Trombone Merit
Eoin Pickstone Trumpet Merit
Benjamin Pinchuk Piano Merit
Jacob Robinson Singing Distinction
Dylan Thatcher Violin Pass

Grade Three

Edward Gaut Cello Merit
Jake Hunter Singing Merit
Max Mussavian Violin Merit
Barnaby Todd Violin Merit

Grade Four

Angus Chambers Clarinet Pass
William Davis Piano Pass
George Dennis Piano Pass
Edmund Geake Trumpet Pass
Charlie Pearson Trumpet Merit
Martin Thomas Piano Pass

Grade Five

Sam Cleaver Singing Merit