Year Six have been learning about ‘Independent’, ‘Dependent’ and ‘Control variables’ in Science. To help the boys understand these variables they made up some experiments which they had fun photographing for this report.

Henry and Jacob decided to see if different gas taps gave out more gas than others, by measuring the height of safety flames.

They realised that the ‘Independent variable’ was choosing which gas taps to use. The ‘Dependent variable’ was measuring the height of the safety flame and some of the ‘Control variables’ were using the same type of bunsens and measuring the flame for the same amount of time.


Tim, Hector and Barney tested if a geranium plant grew best in the fire bucket or the light outside or in a dark cupboard.

The ‘Independent variable’ was the amount of light and the ‘Dependent variable was how much the plant grew.  Some of the ’Control variables’ were how long the plant was kept in the experimental place and using the same equipment to measure the plants growth.

Jimi and Olly decided to test two kinds of itching powder, ‘Super scratch’ and ‘Immense itch’. The ‘Independent variable’ was the type of itching powder. The ‘Dependent variable’ was how long they scratched after application! A ‘Control variable’ was to measure the same amount of powder.



Lawrence tested if a half spoon of salt would make him sick. He used three types of salt then waited 30 minutes to see how he felt! The ‘Independent variable’ was the types of salt. The ‘Dependent variable’ was how Lawrence felt and one of the ‘Control variables’ was using the same amount of the salt for each try.