On 15  and 16 November boys in Years 5-8 were able to visit the Book Fair to spend time perusing the books on display and then, if permitted, choosing those they wanted to buy. Every year we send a list to Rosie Hill, who supplies the books, of titles recommended in the previous twelve months by ‘School Librarian’ and ‘Lovereading4 kids’ and she makes sure these are available along with other books she thinks are suitable. This makes the book fair unique to us and tailored to the needs of the boys.

In all, 255 books were sold and as a result of this, through commission, 52 books will be added to the library. Most of these , though not all, are on the list supplied to Rosie, so boys will be able to borrow books from the library that they had seen at the Book Fair.

Rosie has been organising our book fairs since 2011 and has always been impressed with the interest there is in reading amongst the boys but she commented this year that the boys’ enthusiasm for reading was exceptional at every level.

So many thanks to both parents and boys for making this annual event such a success. For me, as librarian, it gives me great pleasure to see the boys so animated in handling the books, discussing what they might buy, making choices , enthusing afterwards about what they’ve been reading and then looking forward  to borrowing the new books  which will begin to appear in the library next term.

Jackie Howe