Arnia Bee Keeping hive softwareWe thought you might be interested in an update on our Bees. We now have an unrivalled hive monitoring capability that includes colony acoustics (flight, fanning and colony strength), hive weight, brood temperature, hive humidity and apiary weather conditions.

Our User Interface enables us to compare readings  from multiple sensors to provide an insight into colony status that is unattainable with any other system. This helps us learn more about our bees and maintain strong, healthy and productive colonies. We can access data at any time, following bee activity throughout the year:-

Arnia Bee Keeping hive software

  • Queen status: Identify if the queen has stopped laying and the colony has become broodless. Identify when a new mated queen starts laying.
  • Colony Strength: Track colony development and strength, compare different colonies and hive locations.
  • Foraging Activity: Profile daily flight activity, compare different hives and identify weak activity. Directly compare flight with other measurements such as weight to assess colony productivity.
  • Nectar Flow: Track nectar flows, identify when to add supers or remove honey. Make season to season comparisons.
  • Nectar Dearth: Identify when there is a forage shortage and the bees may need feed suppleents.
  • Robbing: Identify when a colony is being robbed of its stores so corrective action can be taken.
  • Winter Feeding: Monitor winter store levels and identify when the bees need feeding.
  • Apiary Weather: Monitor rainfall, temperature in the sun and shade. Directly compare with hive data such as weight and foraging to assess the impact of weather conditions.