Sam I (4RT):
The Egyptian workshop was really good fun. I learned a lot about the afterlife and how people were mummified after death, when they were put in a tomb with all their possessions. If you lived a good life then Osiris would open the afterlife for you. My favourite bit of the workshop was hearing the stories told by ancient pharaohs.

Sam R (4CM):
This morning we met Mrs Witherspoon and we did three challenges in the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh.  The first was to make a timeline of 3000 BC until 2019 AD. Mrs Witherspoon had some laminated dates and we put them into order.  The second was to recreate a type of map in the middle of the circle that we were sitting in. There was a sun, the River Nile, the desert, a harbour and a boat.  The third and final challenge was to find out about four people’s lives. Then we learnt about family names, ranking in society and dancing.  Another lady told us stories and myths.

Luigi D (4GH):
On Wednesday 22nd May Year 4 took part in an Egyptian Workshop. We learnt lots of amazing facts! We learnt that the Egyptians had ruled the land, we also learnt about peoples names and the meaning they had. We pretended to be archaeologists by digging into the sand to find ancient artifacts. I particularly likes knowing how dead bodies were turned into mummies. They would have used salt, bandages and oils. I did not want to do it as it was super gruesome. To finish the day we found out that we had been successful in our task and had not been cursed and danced to Egyptian music. It was such a fun day.