Arrgh me hearties! If you don’t want to walk the plank, then walk tall, look mean and talk like a pirate!

The Year 1 boys, teachers and teaching assistants all dressed up as pirates for the day. There were the complimentary skull and cross bones stickers on arms, eye patches and chocolate doubloons on desks and did they have fun? Oh yes they did; so much so that they decided that it would be a jolly good day to also do a little good deed by ‘scrubbing the decks’ (in this case their little blue classroom chairs), make swords from sticks, look at pirate maps, listen to and sing pirate songs with great gusto and of course, very importantly, have a pirate feast. It is naturally important to always have a feast, ‘terrorise’ the other inhabitants of the Pre-Prep building and have fun whilst doing all of this.

Indeed another wonderful day to remember in the Year 1.