Personal, Social and Emotional (PSE)
We have practised the concept of road safety in our garden, and talked about where we have been on holiday and how we got there.

Expressive Art and Design
We have made rockets and trains using junk modelling resources, and added small world toys to the train track.  We have also cut out pictures of different vehicles to create a collage and have re-acted role play for journeys on a train, plane and boat.

Understanding the World
We filled the tuff tray with soil and sand to create a road.  We also made and floated paper boats in the water table and explored the concept of floating and sinking. We found out that lots of things float!

Physical Development
We have been exploring the variety of wheeled toys we have in the Nursery garden and playing with the large balls.

We have raced cars and other vehicles down a slope to see which one goes fastest.  We have also used tape measures to measure the length of the cars and trains.

We have read many stories about transport and journeys.  We also read ‘That’s not my car’ and ‘Room on the Broom’.

Communication and Literacy
We have talked a lot about how we all got to Nursery each day.  We also sang many songs, including Wheels on the Bus.

Special Visitors
We were very lucky to have two special visitors this week – Mr Piercy, the Headmaster came to read one of his favourite stories to Nursery and Torty, Mrs Beresford’s tortoise! We went for a lovely walk made with chairs by the children.

The Outdoor Classroom
We also went for a lovely long walk to The Outdoor Classroom on our school grounds with the Reception boys.  We explored the playing fields, the woods and had a quiet time in the woodland classroom.