Last Friday, 27 September, the school welcomed the well-known children’s author, Tom Palmer, to speak to Years 5 and 6.

Tom wanted simply to be introduced as ‘Tom’ and that set the tone of his talk – relaxed  full of fun and yet informative.

He started with a session of inviting  the boys to ask questions about his work as an author – what topics inspire him, how long it takes him to write a book, how his books are edited, how he ensures accuracy when writing about a person or event in the past – these were just some of the many and varied questions that the boys were eager to ask.

Tom then involved  everyone  in a quiz with  categories on sport – he writes about rugby and football, biography, current affairs, magazines and children’s books, all linked to his work as an author. He made sure that there was a winner in each of the six forms present. There then took place a shoot out with a small sized rugby ball and  improvised posts in front of the stage in the theatre. To say that the atmosphere was electric  ( and very loud!)  would be an understatement! The winner was Aidan O who received  a not-quite gold (!) trophy.

Tom was an exceptionally engaging speaker . He spoke with passion and humour and the boys learned a great deal from him while hugely enjoying themselves at the same time.

Mrs Howe (Libarian)