We were so pleased with our busy bees. We now have two colonies at school and one hive produced enough honey for us to make a small harvest during the summer holidays. We hope to get more next year that we will be able to offer to our parents. We are sorry that we did not have enough for wider distribution this year but we felt it was a great start to our bee keeping journey. We love the honey label our Head of Art Mrs Jackson created and thanks to Mr Jackson and the rest of the team for their careful nurturing of our colonies.

Our first class paid a visit to the Bees this week. Mr Burton’s Year 4’s were accompanied by Beekeepers Mr Jackson and Mrs Sender and all the boys were very enthusiastic. We will incorporate visits to our bees for as many different year groups as possible as it is very important for our community to understand the very important role bees play.

We are also pondering how we might be able to recover the wild bee colony that has taken residence in one of our trees on the woods which has a hollowed out middle.  Mr Jackson has devised a Bee Hoover – watch this space for the results of our endeavour!