On Tuesday, 8 October, Year 8 set off on their French Study Trip to Le Touquet.  Here’s a list of some of the activites they took part in before heading home three days later.

Nausicaa, National Sealife Centre in Boulogne
La Coupole (German blockhaus, V1 and V2 launch, Planetarium)
Salt extraction on the beach.
Etaples military cemetery
Batterie Todt, Museum of the Atlantic Wall,
1939-1945 Museum
Auchan hypermarket
Traditional wood oven bakery, with lesson on croissant making
Becasuc factory demo making traditional hand-made sweets
‘Crickfoot’ on Le Touquet beach
Interviews (in French!) in Le Touquet market
Dinner at the well-known ‘Paris-Plage’

Follow this link for more photos from Year 8’s French Study Trip