During the October half-term break, Year 5 boys Dehong, Harrison  and Arnav visited China with their families. They proudly shared their experiences by hosting a recent Middle School assembly.

The idea behind the trip was to give the boys the chance to experience modern-day China and enjoy the local culture and traditions through a series of trips and experiences. One of the most enjoyable opportunities was for the boys to spend some time at a local Chinese school and become fully integrated into the school’s daily life. This was a completely new and unprecedented experience for them (especially as some lessons were in Chinese!) but they learnt a lot from their new classmates.

The boys visited the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the famous ‘Terracotta Army’, including a meeting with one of the local farmers who discovered this long-buried national treasure. They also watched the Beijing Opera, a shadow play and a Chinese Kungfu performance.

The entire itinerary of the trip was a perfect combination of education, history and culture – one the three boys are likely to remember for a lifetime.

Mr Probert