This week Tuesday 26 and Friday 29 November, the Everitt Cup was brought down to the range so the boys could see what prize they were competing for in the termly Inter Company Shooting Match.

Wellington are the current holders and have had a vice like grip on this trophy over the last 3 terms, since taking it off Nelson in the Summer of 2018. However, this is a new year and a new intake in Year 6 will probably be the key to winning this trophy so all is up for grabs!

The format is simple, 6 boys per team from each company shoot and the highest combined total wins.  2 boys are selected from the Junior Cadet (Year 6) age group, 2 boys from the Inter Cadet (Year 7) age group and 2 boys from the Senior Cadet (Year 8) age group.

The results at the end of day 1 are as follows:


Drake (15 NBSRC Members) – 187

Senior Cadets: Henry P. (Capt.) & Edward L. 95

Intermediate Cadets:  George P. 92 & Hector M.

Junior Cadets: Cosmo L. & Thomas H.


Marlborough  (9 NBSRC Members) – 262

Senior Cadets:  Max. R-L. (Capt.) & Henry L. 84

Intermediate Cadets: Benjamin B. 93 & Henry C. 85

Junior Cadets: Luke H. & Arthur M.


Nelson (16 NBSRC Members) – 349

Senior Cadets: Charlie H. (Capt.) 91 & Filipp R. 90

Intermediate Cadets: William C. & Nicholas S.

Junior Cadets: William B. 89 & Zachary G.


Wellington (12 NBSRC Members) – 185

Senior Cadets: Jasper S.(Capt.) 94 & William T. 91

Intermediate Cadets: Edward S. & Jason R.

Junior Cadets:  Toby S. & Robert K.


Day 2

It promises to be very interesting. As the scores come in the tension and stress increases as the boys work out exactly what they need to score in order to win, or at the very least if that is not possible what is required to send another company down a place or two! It will be quite tense especially when some boys hang around to watch and support their team mates who may have an opportunity to land the Cup!


Good luck to all competitors.