The following boys competed in the PSRA Hammond Cup for the school and our anticipated scores (the boys targets have been submitted by post for official scoring) for the 4 teams selected for the competition are as follows.

Team Browning – 373
Alec S – 99
Lucas F – 96
Sam T – 89
Hector MacG – 89

Team Remington – 369
Henry P – 91
Filip R – 92
Charlie H – 91

Team Winchester – 365
William T – 94
Edward L – 88
Edward S – 93
Jason R – 90

Team Beretta (Y 6 Development Team) – 337
Toby S – 87
William B – 87
Cosmo L – 80
Luke H – 83

Shooting Team Reserves ( Not needed):
R. Kerr,  A. Millns, N. Sumner, W. Crosby, G. Pearson, M. Robinson-Long

The results of the competition are yet to be published and are expected in before the end of term. The boys shot well, however several boys exceeded my expectations by producing some personal best scores on the day and a few others scores didn’t meet their expectations which makes getting the team selections tricky with hindsight.

In the end the 4 highest scores produced were spread across 3 teams, which produced some very close total scores across our 3 senior teams (all 3 teams scores were within 8 points 373-365). Had the shooting coach been able to correctly predict the 4 highest scoring shots, our team total would have been 384, which I am confident would have put the NBSRC in a very strong position to win the Cup.

Thankfully having spoken to a few other coaches the same challenges apply to all other schools and consistency is definitely something we will be working on next term.

Mr Prongue