Our three senior teams of 4 boys shot very similar total scores within a small range of 8 points which is commendable and shows excellent strength and depth across the Club and makes for voracious competition for team places.

Team Browning 373
Team Remington 369
Team Winchester 365

As previously reported, our 4 top scorers Alec S – 99, Lucas F – 96, Jasper S – 95 and William T 94, were unfortunately spread out between all 3 teams. Had all 4 been shooting in the same team the total of 384 would have been sufficiently high to win the cup back. There is no point in spending too much time over what could have been; however it is great to know we have the potential this year to win the cup back next term.

The focus will be to work on consistency and delivering scores week in and week out within a couple of points in order to eliminate the swings in performance both positive and especially negative when in competition mode. Our top team narrowly missed a podium finish coming 4th overall.

The results for the top 6 places are as follows:

1 Holmewood House 381 (ex 400)
2 Sherborne Prep 375
3 St Andrew’s Eastbourne 374
4 The New Beacon 373
5 The New Beacon 369
6 Feltonfleet 366

So congratulations to all mentioned above and also Team Browning Alec S, Lucas F, Sam T and Hector M. Once again it is good to see The New Beacon competing strongly (at the top) with some very good schools nationally.

It has been a busy term down on the Shooting Range for the boys, next term will be important to refine the skill set through a lot of practicing and a few matches before the all important summer term where the boys will be going for their individual PSRA Competency Awards. They will do their best over 3 consecutive weeks of shooting targets aiming for Mastershot, Marksman, 1st Class or 2nd Class Certificates & Badges. So working on consistency and eliminating errors will pay dividends.

Finally, Jasper S has been made NBSRC Captain for Spring 2020 which is highly deserved based on his very high scores and consistency over the term; congratulations.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and looking forward to seeing all the New Beacon Rifle Club Members back next term.

Didier Prongué
NBSRC Shooting Master