Monday 2 December saw Year 5 take a trip down to Brighton… and back in time. To further their study of the Victorians, a visit to Preston Manor was arranged where the boys undertook the role of Victorian servants for the day.

Preston Manor is beautifully preserved house, which has been kept just as it was during the Victorian era. The boys, dressed appropriately in their Victorian-themed attire, auditioned for a ‘job’ at the Manor and undertook roles such as Oddmen, Kitchen Assistants, Footmen and Fourth Masters. This all took place under the very strict guidance of Mrs Storey, the head maid, and her assistant, Miss Rose. Jobs involved completing chores around the house, as well as baking some lovely jam tarts which were enjoyed upon our return!

The boys also had a look around the Hove museum where they enjoyed a fantastic display of Victorian toys, noticing the total absence of any plastic – perhaps lessons can indeed be learned from the past!

A very enjoyable day was had by all, and stepping back in time like they did gave the boys a real insight into Victorian life.

Mr Probert