Earlier this week the New Beacon General Knowledge Quiz Team took part in the first round of the regional competition. We hosted three other teams here at The New Beacon and after some challenging individual and team questions, we finished second in the heat, and fifth overall in the region. This means that the boys have qualified for the final later this year. Congratulations to Jacob B, Anton K, Barney B and Sammy T for their eclectic range of knowledge.

Here are some to have a go at:

  1.    Name a member of England’s 1966 football World Cup winning team who died in the past 12 months.
  2.    Which country planted 350 million trees in a day to counter global warming?
  3.    Who played the part of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Disney’s “Fantasia”?
  4.    Who was the first man to walk in space?
  5.    Electrical resistance is typically measured in what units?
  6.    Aside from the Vatican City, which is the only square national flag?

(Answers: 1. Banks (Gordon) or Peters (Martin) , 2. Ethiopia, 3. Mickey Mouse, 4. Leonov (Alexei), 5. Ohms, 6. Switzerland)