What Year 4 thought of their visit to RHS Wisley:

“I didn’t realise how much fun I would have planting.  It was so enjoyable and the feel of the leaves on my cutting was really unexpected!” – Jasper (4CS)
“I absolutely loved the exhibition with plants taking over a house.  The cacti chess set was incredible!” – Josh (4CS)
“I never knew that plants could be so interesting.”– Sammy (4CM)
“We explored two different biomes and their plants. My favourite was the rainforest.”– Harry (4CM)
“I learnt that the spikes on a cactus are it’s leaves.” – Fraser (4CM)
“I loved the vibrant colours.”– Tom (4CM)
“I loved planting our own seedlings, they were fluffy and smelt good.” (Plectranthus) – Arthur (4GH)
“I really liked the tropical glasshouse as it was damp like the rainforest!” – Tom (4GH)
 “I really like the giant chess board made from cactus pieces!” – Damien (4GH)
“In the dessert section of the glasshouse I enjoyed touching the spiky leaves of the plants. I learnt that they held water to help them survive in hot temperatures.” – Zarak (4GH)
“I thought the Monsterious Mansion was the best because it had plants growing in the kitchen and dining room and there was even a cactus toddler seat!” – Louis (4GH)
“I liked the classroom there because I enjoyed touching and guessing whether plants belonged in the dessert or rainforest.” – Elliott (4GH)

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