Just before half term we held the biannual ‘tableathon’ where every boy from year 3 to year 8 enters a timed tables challenge. The best in each class go through to a grand finale to find the fastest most accurate ‘tablers’ in the school. Round 1 was a 50 question test and round 2 consisted of 100 questions. To win the boys had to finish in the fastest time with 100% accuracy. The atmosphere was very tense and several boys finished 100 questions in about 100 seconds, amazing speed! The full list of winners is listed below, well done to all the boys for taking part.

Overall Winner: Max M.
Senior School Winner: Ouge L.
Middle School Winner: Rocco F.
Junior School Winner: Alex M.
Year 8 Winner: Jasper S.
Year 7 Winner: Tiger B.
Year 6 Winner: Freddie F.
Year 5 Winner: Dehong K.
Year 4 Winner: Oliver Y.
Year 3 Winner: Adrian C.

Mrs Yeats-Brown