On Wednesday 26 February, we had our Greek Workshop. Firstly, we dressed up and then we sacrificed 100 (toy) cows for Nike (God). After that we played a game called bull leaping. The contestants were Max, Gurav, Pietro, Xander, George and Caleb. Max won. Next we played a game in a (fake) village. We had to make bargains. Let’s say there was a fish and the shopkeeper said it was 20 obols and I said no. Then I say 10 obols. Next there was a temple where you put the part of your body that hurts (made of clay) on a mat. Then you sleep there. In the morning it would feel better. After that we voted who left Athens. After lunch and a break, we had a parade for Athena where musicians and farmers and dancers walked to the Parthenon and put a dress on the statue of Athena. Then worshipped her. Next we made plaster carvings (we made them 3D). I made patterns with my name in the middle. Lastly, we had a play where Zach was the hero he spotted naked Athena (Pietro). Then Athena cast a spell on Zach the hero, which turned him into a deer and he got killed.
Written by Harry, 3RR

I had to pose as a statue because I won when we did the first Olympics.  We jumped over a bull and two cows which were really small.  I won because I cartwheeled over them.  I also went shopping in the markets.  I went to Oliver’s shop and he said 50, and I said 30 and then he said 40 and we agreed.  This is called haggling.
Written by Max,  3AH

In the market I was selling shoes and lots of people haggled.  First it was the Olympics and the winner was Max who cartwheeled.  We learnt about Athens.  Near the end we did a play and I was the hero’s best friend.
Written by Louis, 3AH