The winner of the Spring 2020 Everitt Cup is Nelson; Wellington the 4 time consecutive holders of the trophy have been dethroned! This is Nelson’s 2nd win, the last was in Summer 2018, congratulations to all.

The results were as follows: 1st Nelson – 524, 2nd Drake – 521, 3rd Marlborough and 4th Wellington.

The competition results this term did not follow the pre-competition seeding which was as follows: 1st seed – Wellington, 2nd seed Drake, 3rd seed Nelson, 4th seed Marlborough.

So congratulations to Nelson who rose to the challenge on the day with Connor C and Jacob A scoring personal bests.

The winning Nelson team members & their scores are as follows:

Nelson (17 current NBSRC Members
Senior Cadets: Charlie H. Capt. (93) & Connor C. (92-PB)
Intermediate Cadets: Jacob A. (94- PB) & Sam P. (81)
Junior Cadets: William B. (87) & James N. (77)

Format: Cadet Pairs
2 x Junior (Year 6)
2 x Intermediate (Year 7)
2 x Senior (Year 8)
Scoring: point targets, team with highest total combined scores wins.

Winners: Christmas 18, Spring 19, Summer 19, Christmas 19= Wellington x4
Summer 18, Spring 20 = Nelson x2