I am pleased to report that after two valiant attempts the school has on this third occasion been successful in regaining the Hammond Cup.

The winning team this term scored 379 ex 400 which is 3 points higher than our last winning score, however our record of 383 from Christmas 2018 remains.

The 4 boys who won the Cup to my delight all shot well and consistently as a team as the scores below show; producing an average of a shade under 95/100:

William T   – 96
Alex S   – 95
Sam T   – 94
Charles H   – 94
Total =379

The boys in the Rifle Club are shooting very well and the strength and depth of shooting at The New Beacon is strong as evidenced by the fact that another New Beacon team also took the runners up spot with a score of 373 beating 3rd place Feltonfleet by 5 points.

The 4 boys in 2nd place also deserve a mention and praise for their performance:

Henry P   – 99
Ben C   – 93
Hector M   – 92
Edward L   – 89
Total =373

We are also proud of our 2 other NBSRC teams (including a development side) entered into this competition as they scored 362 and 361 and placed inside the top 10.

The final results are as follows:

1 New Beacon – Winchester   – 379
2 New Beacon – Remington   – 373
3 Feltonfleet – A   – 368
4= Sherbourne Prep   -366
4= St Andrew’s Eastbourne   – 366
6 Holmewood House   – 363
7= New Beacon – Beretta   – 362
7= Feltonfleet – B   – 362
9 New Beacon – Browning   – 361
10 Port Regis   – 360

The winning team will receive certificates from the PSRA (Prep School’s Rifle Association) and these will be sent to the school shortly.

As is customary when getting to the pinnacle of achievement in ones discipline at school I am awarding all 4 boys their shooting colours tie in recognition of this terms achievements.

As you know the Everitt Cup has been settled this term with a new winner which finishes off this terms shooting activities nicely.

Mr Prongue