Mr Knipe made super use of our remote teaching by taking the Year 5-7 boys who will be visiting Iceland next year on a virtual tour this year! He posted a daily blog from 23 March to 9 April. This was enhanced with relevant video clips and a live session via Zoom – for an Icelandic quiz.The boys even experienced a virtual aeroplane take off from the airport in Keflavik and a landing at Gatwick! Each day they visited places of interest, learnt some phrases so that they could greet the locals along the way, learnt to count from 1 – 20, pronounced some tongue-twisters such as Eyjafjallajökull (EY-a-FEE-alla-yock-UL) and along the way they made their own volcanos and tasted some Icelandic delicacies such as the kleinur, fiskur and the delicious pylsur, they also met the Yule lads and some trolls as well!