Virtual Learners of the Week (last week):
PP – Harry C (Reception) for an excellent video teaching his Mum about symmetry – click here.

Alex H (2JB) was so inspired by his Science investigations (testing the distance that cars travel on different height ramps and different surface ramps) he then set up his own investigation and carried it out.

Kai I (2JB) for his very creative video about Mrs Wobble.

JS – Alex M for writing and performing an amazing rap song about Corona virus.

Diary Winners of the Week (last week):
William S (1SH), Edward M (2MT), Alex K (2JB), Oliver F (3AH),  Christopher M (4GH), Freddie P (4GH) for thoughtful diary entries on our theme of ‘Remembering the Past’.


Musicians of the Week: (this week)

Alexander M (3AH) on the piano and Daniel F (2JB) on the piano


Virtual Learners of the Week: (this week)

PP – Daniel  (1JF) for his excellent adjective snake

JS-  Lucas  (3AH) he really goes above and beyond with all of his work. He has even made a sheet where he records new words, says whether they are a verb/noun etc and then puts it in a sentence. He always contributes very well to Zoom sessions too.


Diary Winners of the Week: (this week)

Mrs Alteirac said to the boys “As Mr Piercy urged you to do in his weekly blog, think about what you have achieved during these challenging times. Going through difficult times presents an opportunity to slow down, pause and reflect on what is really important in life. What lessons has life in lockdown taught you? What new routines and things that began in lockdown will you take with you to your ‘new normal’?”

Ashwin (Reception) Lockdown lessons – he needs to play to keep fit, help his Mummy and daddy and he knows that routine is good.

Adam  – (3RR) for the retelling of his very vivid dream.

Bryn  (3AH)- for his baking, keepy uppies, cycling and painting whilst on lockdown.

Max (2MT) for his excellent entry on how he is becoming more independent in lockdown and also apprecaites having his little brother around.