Virtual Learners of the Week on 22 May:

PP – Alex H (2JB) for his wonderful tribute to the NHS. 

JS-  James R (4CS) who works independently. Yesterday he wrote his Rainbow Serpent story and felt it was too short and not his best work. He e-mailed it to Miss Stone and she gave him feedback. He then took it upon himself to redo it, taking on board the advice given.  


Diary Winners of the Week on 22 May:

Josh M (2HB) – writing about a memory he shared with his best friend Mia back in 2019 at Godstone Farm.

Alex K (2MT) – he wrote about acts of kindness in nature and told the story of a lady who was swimming near the Cook Islands when a humpback whale started bumping into her. She didn’t know why and was frightened. Then she a huge tiger shark appeared in the water, the whale was trying to protect her from this.