We are delighted to offer prospective parents and visitors the opportunity to explore our wonderful 22 acre grounds and well equipped buildings and facilities via our virtual tours. This will certainly help during lockdown but will also allow individuals to visit our buildings at their leisure.

You are able to visit each of the buildings listed in the grid on this page by clicking on the links. Please note that the load time depends on your internet speed. When you choose the Main Building Tour if you pan around outside the front door you will see a green circle on the drive way – click this to experience a fly through using a drone.

When each tour opens up at the bottom of the page you will see something like the image below.

Virtual Tour The New Beacon

This will aid your navigation as you can you look at the outdoor area 360 degree tours shown at the bottom of the screen, or use the symbols to choose the floor plan view, or you can choose the individual floor you wish to visit, or you can navigate using the white circles and your mouse to move around the space freely similar to street view on Google Maps. If you have a touch screen device you can use your finger or stylus to move around the spaces.

You will also see that there are information points that you can click to see photos, video, audio or more information. The blue circle = photo, green = video or audio, red = information panel. Please note the video/audio files may take a moment to load.

If you would like to look at our campus map please click here.