Here are the winners from last week:

Musicians of the Week: Jacob D (2MT) on the piano and Harry C (Reception).

Virtual Learners of the Week: Alex C (4CM), who has been working so hard independently since remote learning started. His parents and teachers are most impressed and very proud.  

Lucas C (3RR) for his excellent bid to the Dragon’s Den asking for an investment to build a Stone Keep Castle. 

Diary Winners of the Week: Everyone who submitted a favourite quote or original quote to Mrs Alteirac this week. Mrs Taylor has put them all together in a slideshow for your viewing. Click here to watch.

Charles W who read a Confucius quote in ancient Chinese, which is very different from modern Mandarin, during our assembly.

Here are the winners this week:

Musician of the Week: Peter J (3RR)

Virtual Learners of the Week: In PP – Ben T, Charlie W and William S from Year1 for their amazing puppet shows. In JS – Arthur B (4GH) he is very independent and works brilliantly through all the work provided. He is very good in zoom lessons both in behaviour and participation. Hugh S (4CS) for conducting extra research to further his understanding of the topics we are learning about.

Diary Winners of the Week: In PP- Derek Y (1SH) who has submitted a daily diary entry during Wellness Week, complete with pictures. A fantastic effort, Derek! In JS- Alex P (4CM) – for writing two gripping TRUE stories about your missing brother and the exploding BBQ. I’m just glad no one was hurt and that you found your brother (asleep in the basement under his duvet!)