‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’ – World Health Organization

So with this in mind we said welcome to Wellness Week this week! When we talk about our health, we often associate it with physical health; however there are so many other types of health that we must take care of – physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual. It is important to take care of yourself in every aspect of your life. Alongside his daily PE challenge this week, Mr Young also set you a ‘Wellness Week Task’, associated with the five different types of wellness listed above.

Wellness Week Challenge

This week Mrs Alteirac challenged the boys to make a daily diary entry based around the homework/task that Mr Young set each day. A healthy body, mind and spirit are the greatest wealth. Here are some of the fun things that our pupils have been doing.

Here is a great video featuring Harry C in Reception completing Mr Young’s Ladder Challenge #31, he is showing some very fancy footwork well done Harry.

Derek Y in Year 1 sent this diary entry and a great picture and photo. Well done for trying the vegetables that you did not like before!

The New Beacon Wellness Week Challenge

Thanks also to Christopher M 4GH and Joshua M 2JB for your super diary entries.