“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston Churchill.

Last week marked another change as some of you returned to school whilst others continued their remote learning programme at home. It is important to learn from inspirational people; watch them, read about them, listen to them and soak up their knowledge and truth. In Junior School assemblies this year we have looked at many inspirational people including Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Malala and Anne Frank.

The boys were encouraged to write about someone who inspires them and explain what it is about their character, their experiences, their actions that is admirable.

Musician of the Week: (last week) Jonathan W (Reception)

Virtual Learners of the Week: (last week) PP- Diwen S (2JB) and Jacob D (2MT) as they always turn up to story time, without fail, and lately they have both willingly read some of the book to the whole year group on zoom. JS-  Morgan I (4GH) for having completed amazing adverts for his Tudor newspaper this week and for excellent participation in the virtual sports day. Leo M (4CS) for committing wholeheartedly to all our live lessons this week including Sports’ Day from Sweden!

Diary Winners of the Week: PP- Michael P (2JB) for a very detailed explanation on how to improve your lawn, including all of the tools you will need. Alex K (2MT) who wrote about a man who inspires him so much that he owns 40 of his DVDs – David Attenborough. William S (1JF) for writing about a man who works so hard but still has time to play rugby and cycle with him- his Dad.

JS- Daniel H (4CS) for writing about a man who has won 20 grand slam singles’ finals- Roger Federer. All of 3RR and Mrs Rix for their delightful entries on who inspires them, ranging from Bear Grylls, to Christian Ronaldo to another boy in the class, to parents and grandparents.

Quarter Plus winners: Reception- Jonathan W, 1SH- Charlie W, 1JF- William S, 2MT- Charlie F, 2JB- Diwen S, 3RR- Alex M, 3AH- Rohan L, 4CM – Overall winner for the year: Edward B,  4GH – Overall winner for the year: Christopher M, 4CS – Overall winners for the year: Monty G and James R.

Year 4 awards:4GH:- Excellence: Christopher M & Zarak K. Progress: Harry F & Elliott L. Overall commitment to remote learning : Alberto S & Freddie P

4CM:- Excellence: Tom S & Edward B. Progress : Theo H & Jack C. Overall commitment to remote learning : Alex P & Fraser T

4CS:- Excellence : Danny K & Hugh S. Progress: Thomas P & Oliver S. Overall Commitment to Remote Learning : Oliver Y  & Daniel C


Sadly we say farewell to the following boys: Jonathan (Reception), Nathan (3AH) , Blaise  (1JF), Alfie (1JF), Mason (1SH), Gael (2JB), Ashton (2MT), Rodrigo (3RR), Leo (4CS)


End of year farewell from Mrs Alteirac:

We have just completed an extraordinary school term which none of us will ever forget. In March the global pandemic abruptly ended the normal school year forcing us all to make sudden, unprecedented changes to the way we teach, learn and communicate. A  great  personal satisfaction is to have seen how awesomely you have responded to the challenge. I hope that one of the legacies of this experience is that all of us have had the opportunity to develop the very valuable life long skill of independent learning.

Seeing some of the boys back at school during the last two weeks, and the opportunity to see those of you at home and at various weekly assemblies has meant a great deal to me. That said I hope that in September our contacts will return to the normal experience of face to face, day to day contact.

Best wishes for a refreshing and enjoyable summer break. I look forward to welcoming you in September to your new year group and a school year which will present its own new challenges though I think all of us would hope not on the same scale as we did this past year.