We are pleased to welcome a new company, viz. IMAGO who will be taking our sibling and individual photographs on Tuesday, 22 September. The New Beacon looks forward to a long and happy association with this company who really impressed us with their sales pitch and also with the photographs that they took for our website and for advertising purposes.
Their first photographic session will take place in The Studio in the New Beacon Centre.
We have worked out a programme with COVID safety dictates in mind and IMAGO has also supplied us with a thorough Risk Assessment. There will be more staff supervision to see that all safety matters are in order whilst moving to and from the venue as well as in The Studio.

There will be three photographers from IMAGO in attendance.

Please note the following:

  • Boys must not come to school in their games kit on Tuesday, 22 September.
  • Boys should wear their blazers to school on this day, but no jumpers.
  • If you have not yet purchased a blazer, your son may wear his normal school uniform.
  • We request that boys look really smart on the day and if you deem it necessary you may send him to school with a hair brush in his book bag. ‘Brush sharing’ will not be permitted

Here’s looking forward to some happy, smiley faces in The Studio.

Please follow this link for more information – Letter To Parents 22 September 2020

Mr Knipe