The New Beacon Virtual Orchestra may be one of a kind, with a potentially unique emphasis on the eclectic… For a harvest performance of Vivaldi’s Autumn from the Four Seasons, our range of instruments includes an Arabic oud, ukulele, bassoon, trombones, egg shakers, two harps, timpani and 30 pianists, and ensemble group recordings ranging from a full string orchestra, a junior school rock group, three percussion groups, two brass groups, guitar group and a woodwind section – not to mention a staff orchestra of cellos, double basses, harp, guitar and harpsichord. Eclectic also in age, almost every pupil in the school has contributed, with class performances from nursery up to year 8 and some parental contributions – not to mention the staff ..!

The ‘international premier’ is set for next Friday morning, 16 October, to be zoomed to the wider community during our harvest festival involving the entire school in various bubbles, all contributing over the ether with poems and readings, and with a live, distanced performance from chapel by our Chapel Choir of Rutter’s ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’.

If you would like to join us for our at 10am on Friday 16 October for our Harvest Festival, please email Mrs Harrison for details on