Due to the current circumstances I have chosen a different format this year and hope it will be equally competitive.  Please see below for the Inter-Company Cup Team selections:

Past Everett Cup Holders:
Summer 2020                     Not Held due to Covid
Spring 2020                         Nelson 524
Autumn 2019                       Wellington 529
Summer 2019                      Wellington 513
Spring 2019                          Wellington 547 (ex 600 – Record Competition Score)
Autumn 2018                       Wellington 525
Summer 2018                      Nelson 521


Cadet Pairs
2 x Senior Cadet
4 x Intermediate Cadet (2 Pairs)


5 Bull 100 point targets. Highest total combined scores wins.
In the event of a tie the Company with the highest personal score wins; in the event that the scores are level the second highest score and so on until there is a winner. If all 6 boys shoot the same scores then the scores will be weighted in favour of the junior cadets, then the intermediate cadets and finally senior cadets. If none of the above finds a winner the first company to finish shooting the competition will be declared the winner.


Senior Cadets: George P. (8C) (Capt) & Hector M. (8C)
Intermediate Cadets:  Federico D. (7A), Bradley V. (7A), Oliver P. (7C) & Thomas H. (7A)


Senior Cadets:  Benjamin B. (8C) (Capt) & Tiger B. (8A)
Intermediate Cadets: Luke H. (7C), Thomas C. (7A), James H. (7B) & Arthur M. (7B)

Senior Cadets: Jacob A. (8B) (Capt) & Finley C. (8C)
Intermediate Cadets: Hugo C. (7A), Zachary G. (7C), Charlie M. (7B) & James N. (7A)
Senior Cadets: Edward S. (8B) (Capt) & Benjamin W. (8B)
Intermediate Cadets: Findlay M. (7A), James R. (7A), Ignacio M. (7C) & Toby S. (7C)


When:   NBSRC Range before end of November 2020

Mr Prongue