Please see below the selection for 4 teams along with reserves for this term’s PSRA Hammond Cup (we will be submitting our targets by post).

The boys must shoot their targets by Friday 20th November 2020 when the competition closes.  However, Reserves will be required to shoot targets at short notice if any competition targets remain gunshot on Friday afternoon because of ‘no shows’.

Any advance notice of boys unable to attend between now and then would be great to help in case we need to re-jig the teams.

Mr Prongue

Team Remington
George P (8C)
Benjamin B. (8C)
Edward S. (8C)
Ignacio M. (7C)
Team Winchester
William S. (7B)
Hector M. (8C)
Federico D. (7A)
Arthur M. (7B)
Team Browning
James H. (7B)
James R. (7A)
Findlay M. (7A)
Oliver P. (7C)
Team Beretta
Jason R. (8C)
Benjamin W. (8B)
Xavier G. (8B)
Jacob A. (8B)
Shooting Team Reserves
Finley C. (8C)
Tiger B. (8A)