Due to Covid… there have been changes down the range too. Unfortunately the guidelines have affected all of Year 6 (novices to the sport) to avoid mixing with the Year 7 & 8 bubble. We look forward to welcoming all Year 6 boys down the range as soon as practicably possible.

As the Everitt Cup requires a Junior Cadet Pair (Year 6) boys to participate from each company the competition format needed to change to reflect the constraints outside our control. Therefore this term’s format was changed to 2 x Intermediate Cadet Pairs (Year 7) and a pair of Senior Cadet Pairs with the scoring system remaining unchanged.

Despite the changes we had an incredibly close competition with all teams (total of 24 boys) scoring within a 10 point window and a new winner. The results are as follows:

Winners of the Everitt Cup (for the first time) : Marlborough with 518 ex 600

Runners up (and current holders) : Nelson 516 ex 600

Third Place : Drake 510 ex 600

Final Place (4 time winners & the competition’s highest score holders) : Wellington 508 ex 600

Congratulations to Marlborough who are first time winners of the termly shooting competition. The key to their success this term was consistency throughout the team and a fantastic performance from Luke H, who’s timing was impeccable to score a personal best of 95, to put his side ahead by a slim 2 points.

Marlborough Team – 518:
Benjy B (Capt), Tiger B, Luke H (HS- 95), Thomas C, Jamie H and Arthur M
Nelson  Team – 516:
Jacob A (Capt), Finley C ( HS- 94), Hugo C, William S, Charlie M, Xavier G
Drake Team – 510:
George P (Capt & HS 92), Hector M, Frederico D, Bradley V, Oliver P, Thomas H
Wellington Team – 508
Edward S (Capt), Benjamin W, Findley M, James R (HS- 92), Ignacio M, Toby S

All the boys enjoyed the opportunity to get back to competitive shooting after a very long break.

Past Everitt Cup Holders since inception in 2018.
Summer 2018 Nelson 521
Autumn 2018 Wellington 525
pring 2019 Wellington 547 (Record Competition Score)
Summer 2019 Wellington 513
Autumn 2019 Wellington 529
Spring 2020 Nelson 524
Summer 2020 Not Contested due to Covid
Autumn 2020 Marlborough 518