We’d love to share this with the New Beacon parents.  Mr Eisawy’s children have created a wonderful new game during lockdown.  It’s called Jesture and is for sale via Etsy.  From every sale from the school community a donation of 50p will be given to the NBPA.  Just add the comment ‘NBPA’ in the box at checkout on the Etsy website.  Here’s a brief description of the game:

Jesture is a brand-new family card game, which has been selling quickly and receiving great reviews and recommendations.

So what is Jesture and how do you play? Well, the tagline is “Think ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ – with a twist!” The concept is simple: there are 42 cards in each pack, and each card contains three actions. One action beats another and on the count of three, you do the ‘Jesture’ to win the card. If both players perform the same action at the same time, the card is replayed until someone wins. Rules are easy to understand and gameplay is quick to pick up. The cards come in a handy-sized pack that fits in a bag or pocket and can be brought out and played again and again without losing appeal or playability. There’s also an alternative set of rules that can be used when there are more than 2 players.

Jesture is ideal for car journeys and camping trips, great for passing a bit of time before dinner or while travelling or as luck would have it, it’s also perfect for playing digitally on Zoom calls or in socially distanced groups! Lunchtime play leaders at the boys’ school took copies in to play with the children who returned to school before the summer holidays and were asked to play it day after day.  A demo video on the website (www.jesturegame.co.uk)  shows the boys playing a few cards so you can see for yourselves how it works.