I have received the results back from this term’s Prep School Rifle Association (PSRA) Hammond Cup.

The good news is The New Beacon have tied with St Andrew’s Prep (Eastbourne) to win the cup. I have congratulated St Andrew’s on their success and offered to share it over the course of next term.

The winning New Beacon School team’s score was 361 (which was in fact an increase in 2 points after official scoring) ex 400. Last year our winning score was 379. So it appears that the disruption due to Covid has had an equal impact on all competitors not just us.

Due to Covid disrupting shooting since March there has been very little competitive inter school shooting this term after enduring a full 6 month break in shooting. ‘Unsupported’ shooting (using jackets, slings, gloves etc) was virtually stopped as equipment could not be shared between pupils on non wipe down items such as jackets. Not many pupils have their own kit thus effectively eliminating the potential for schools to complete in that discipline.

So the Hammond Cup was the only national prep school 0.22 rifle competition running this term for boys and girls, so I am very happy that the school has not only competed but defended the cup albeit by the skin of our teeth.

It is very pleasing to announce the winning team as The New Beacon Team D. They are deserved winners who were head and shoulders in front of our Teams A, B & C. Team D shot very well, stayed focused, shot consistently and did not make any mistakes. It is a fantastic achievement when the perceived underdogs triumph in competition as it shows that success can be achieved if you work hard; and these 4 boys have applied themselves diligently this term so I am delighted by their success..

NBSRC Team D (Beretta)
Jason R (Capt) – 90
Ben W – 90
Xavier G – 93 (New Beacon’s Top scorer in this competition)
Jacob A – 88 (Deserves a commendation as this performance marked his return to shooting after injuring his arm)

1 = The New Beacon D 361 (ex 400)
1 = St Andrew’s A 361
3 St Andrew’s C 351
4= Feltonfleet A 349
4= The New Beacon C 349
6 St Andrew’s B 344
7 The New Beacon B 339
8 The New Beacon A 324
9 Ashfold A 315

All the boys have done well to defend the cup for the school and that their individual certificates will be arriving in the New Year.

Mr Prongue