Parents’ Online Safety News:

For many children and young people the internet remains hugely valuable for education, entertainment and keeping in touch with family and friends. Most people online will be genuine and supportive, but some may try to manipulate or force young people into sexual activity.

Please make sure that your young people are aware of this article from our 11 to 13s website.

If you are worried about anything that has happened online, then please read this article for parents and carers.

Many of our pupils use TikTok, either for watching videos or posting videos of themselves.  TikTok can be great fun, but there are some dangers.  Parents might find this TikTok Family Safety Toolkit very useful.

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Omegle – Warning for parents:
Omegle is an app and website that has invites users to come in and live video chat to strangers.  It is very popular with teenagers.  Omegle has been promoted on Tik Tok and consequently there has been a dramatic increase in the number of teenagers using the App.
There are serious concerns about Omegle, and the BBC conducted an investigation.
Omegle – BBC News (Warning:  this article contains disturbing adult themes)