This week has been Science Week for the Junior School and Pre-Prep boys. Our focus was the Perseverance landing on Mars on the 18 February 2021. British Science Week was actually during lockdown, but there was no chance of me not being with the boys in my most exciting week of the year! It didn’t take long to see the potential of focusing on the Mars landing – totally a boys topic and one that teachers could do a lot with.

It was delightful to see Reception boys building their Perseverance models and hear their conversations with each other, as well as their teachers about what they had built. It was also a privilege to visit most of the classes in the Junior School and witness the boys with a spacecraft (cup), Perseverance (marble), string, paperclip, tape and a target and see their engineering and scientific thinking, along with teamwork to try and release “Perseverance” onto the target, of course as close to the bullseye, as possible.

The boys have learnt a lot throughout the week about this journey – duration, NASA technology, location on Mars, the list could go on. I just hope the boys enjoyed it as much as I did!

Follow the link for more photos – Science Week for Junior School & Pre-Prep

Mrs  Rix
Year 3 teacher and Science co-ordinator