Last Friday evening saw the launch of “Fab Fridays” in the boarding house with 11 boys from Years 7 and 8 enjoying a celebration of the end the week, very much like one would expect in a weekly/full boarding environment.

Boys arrived after games and had yummy drinks and snacks followed by cricket in the nets, games of “Manhunt”, (perhaps the most popular outdoor evening activity in boarding), computer games, an evening film and they were also treated to delivery pizza, ice cream and chocolate cake.

The following morning saw a slightly later than normal wake up, a “continental” style breakfast in the flat and then a prep session to ensure everybody had completed, or almost completed, their homework, ready to enjoy the rest of the long weekend with their friends and family.

The next date for “Fab Friday” will be 18th June and we are all looking forward to another successful evening.  Friday boarding is only open to regular boarders and if your son is not, at present, a regular boarder, then please do get in touch with Mr Bromwich,  who will be more than happy to provide you with further information.