Please find below the final details regarding the forthcoming PGL trip, which will be taking place between Monday 5th and Wednesday 7th July. 

With the government’s most recent delay to easing of lockdown measures, we are still, however, able to run the PGL trip safely and adhere to all Covid-related regulations. 

A number of boys have the large school cricket bags, and these are ideal to use for the trip. A large holdall or a small suitcase on wheels would also be appropriate.  Your son must be able to carry or pull his own luggage: it might be a long walk from the coach to the dorms! 

Upon arrival at school on Monday morning, boys can leave their bags in the NBC before they are required to be taken down to the coach. We will be leaving The New Beacon shortly after 10 a.m. We would like Y6 boys to wear their own clothes on Monday 5th July.   

On Wednesday 7th July we will leave the PGL facility after lunch, and aim to return to The New Beacon at 3.00pm. A clarioncall text will be sent giving a more precise time. If you are not able to collect your son at this time, he will be looked after until normal home time. Please be aware your son will probably be extremely tired and will not be up to attending after school clubs or Prep.  Please email me direct if you are not able to collect your son at 3.00pm.  

With the help of the PGL staff we will be offering a huge range of adventures and activities over the course of the excursion, including the evenings.  The time is so well structured that there will not be a need for any additional distractions or amusements.   

Please note boys are NOT allowed to bring any electronic devices. This ban includes: mobile phones,  iPods, iPads, Personal Stereos, gaming devices, Fitbits and Smart Watches.  

Your son is permitted to bring a limited supply of biscuits or sweets – no more than 1 pack and no nuts. There is a ‘tuck shop’ on site, and thus we allow the boys to bring a maximum of £10 (in change please) so that they are able to purchase snacks or souvenirs during the week. Please place this money in a named envelope. Boys must hand this money to me before we depart on Monday. If your son does not hand in his money, unfortunately he will not be able to visit the PGL shop at all during the week. 

Staff accompanying boys on this trip will be Mr Probert, Mr R Yeats-Brown, Mr Ryde, Mr Woodard, Mrs Brewer, Mrs Jackson and of course, myself.  These teachers have many years of experience in accompanying school trips and, indeed, extensive experience of this particular trip.   

Your son will need to bring plenty of old clothing that will be suitable for wet or muddy activities (such as raft building) and have enough to last him for the duration of the trip. Clothes will get muddy – please provide a suitable bag for your son to store wet clothes etc. Tracksuit bottoms, shorts (if the weather is warm) and old t-shirts/hoodies are ideal. If the weather forecast indicates a few wet days then please pack additional waterproofs and an extra towel. Please ensure that your son’s bags are clearly labelled.     

The following is a suggested inventory:  

  • Sleeping bag and pillow (essential) 
  • Pyjamas or other suitable sleepwear  
  • Underwear & socks (at least enough for each day, plus reserves for when wet and muddy!) 
  • Older tracksuit bottoms x 2 (which can get dirty/wet) 
  • Nicer “clean” tracksuit bottoms/trousers for evenings 
  • Shorts x 2  
  • T-Shirts x 5 
  • Warm hoodie, sweatshirt or fleece x2 
  • Warm, waterproof coat 
  • Swimming shorts (Bermuda-style or board shorts) 
  • Large towels x 2 
  • Evening clothes (warmer for campfires etc) 
  • “Clean” shoes or trainers for indoors 
  • Older Trainers which can get dirty, wet, etc. 
  • Shampoo, shower gel, soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, hand sanitiseretc, packed in a sensible wash kit.    

Please note: spray deodorants are not permitted as they can inadvertently set off fire alarms in dormitories, although the roll-on type is fine.  

  • Torch and batteries  
  • Plastic bottle for drinks 
  • Sunscreen and sun hats 
  • Pencil case with colouring pencils/felt tip pens 
  • Labelled plastic bin liners (for all the above dirty clothes!) 

For the sake of your purse and the group-leaders’ sanity, please ensure that everything is named, as well as “NB” on the care-label written with a permanent marker.  

It is very important for your son’s safety and enjoyment that he adheres to the rules and guidance given to him by PGL staff and teachers for the duration of the trip. Poor behaviour may result in missed activities or worst case scenario an early trip home. Please impress these points upon your son before we depart.  

If you need to contact the staff urgently at any time during the trip, please phone Windmill Hill on 01323 834680.   

On a residential and activities based trip such as PGL, it is essential that I and the PGL staff are aware of any medical conditions or allergies your son may have, so we can ensure that your son is as safe and as well cared for as he can be at all times.   

Therefore, I would be grateful if you could fill in the medical form below by Monday so that I am able to arrange final details. This information will be treated with the utmost confidence. If your son does not have any medical conditions that you feel we should be aware of, please insert ‘NA’ into the relevant box(es).

For safety reasons, please give all necessary medication to me before the Monday morning of our departure.  It should be clearly labelled and accompanied by written instructions.  If your son uses an inhaler please ensure he has his own with him and a spare is handed in before our departure.   

We very much look forward to giving your boys a wonderful, happy safe experience. In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any pressing questions:   

Mr Swann