Due to Covid, there have been some changes needed to the rules of the Cup which historically requires a team of 6 boys. A pair of Juniors (Yr 6), a pair of Intermediates (Yr 7) and a pair of Seniors (yr 8). Unfortunately, the guidelines have affected all of year 6 boys ability to shoot (novices to the sport) so this term the Everitt Cup was made up of 3 Intermediate & 3 Senior boys per Company with the scoring system remaining unchanged.  We very much look forward to welcoming the new Yr 6 & Yr 7 boys down the range to start their shooting career at the start of the new academic year.

We have had an incredibly interesting competition this term. The results are as follows:

The competition was tied (for the first time) and therefore the Summer 2021 edition of the Everitt Cup is shared between Marlborough & Wellington. Congratulations to both teams.

So Marlborough, the current holders of the Everitt Cup (first time winners in Autumn 2020) share the cup with now 5 time holders & highest score holders Wellington.

Winners of the Everitt Cup (shared for the first time): Marlborough & Wellington with 518 ex 600
Third Place: Nelson 479 ex 600
Final Place: Drake 465 ex 600

Marlborough Team – 518:
Benjy B (Capt), Tiger B, Luke H, Thomas C, Jamie H and Arthur M.
Wellington Team – 518:
Edward S (Capt), Jason R, Leo H, James R, James D, Toby S
Nelson Team – 479:
Xavier G (Capt), Matty S, Matthew T, Hugo C, William S, Charlie M
Drake Team – 465:
Hector M (Capt), George P, Batu O, Bradley V, Oliver P, Frederico D

Going into the competition the favourites based on current form were Nelson who also had much strength in depth requiring a shoot off the week before to establish the final team selection for the competition. Next it was logically Wellington & Marlborough close behind; Drake this term were slightly hampered with less boys in the selection pool compared to the other 3 Companies so perhaps a little disadvantaged. I hope to welcome a bumper intake of boys new to shooting next term and would like to see a healthy number of Drake boys in order to start their challenge for a maiden win of the Everitt Cup!

By the halfway stage it was clear both Nelson & Drake were completely out of the frame following some uncharacteristic & very basic mistakes being made by competitors such as shooting more than twice on each bull, shooting on the wrong target & even missing the target completely! Several boys suffered from a lack of concentration, focus and application and some tough scores on the leaderboard got the tongues wagging amongst the boys. In that respect shooting is a very tough discipline on a bad day only being as good as your last score, the score is black & white with zero interpretation.

As the competition drew to its end Tiger B (Marlborough) set Wellington a challenging score of 93 for Wellington’s Captain to score in order to walk away with their Cup. Unfortunately Edward S was unwell and unable to shoot so the outcome of the competition had to wait until the following week… Several boys looked at Edward’s stats, recent scores and PB of 96 etc and made their own predictions on where the Cup was heading (none predicted the eventual tie). When Edward came to the range the following week to shoot his target he appeared to be well briefed on the situation and a little nervous. Shooting last for a target score of 93 in a competition is very stressful and producing your best on demand when it counts is of course difficult.

It was very pleasing to tally up a very solid Captain’s score of 92 and impressive under the circumstances which of course meant that the Cup was tied; a neat outcome for both sides.

All the boys enjoyed the competitive shooting especially with the cliffhanger ending, with nobody disappointed (for once)!

Past Everitt Cup Holders since inception in 2018.
Summer 2018 Nelson 521
Autumn 2018 Wellington 525
Spring 2019 Wellington 547 (Record Competition Score)
Summer 2019 Wellington 513
Autumn 2019 Wellington 529
Spring 2020 Nelson 524
Summer 2020 Not Contested due to Covid
Autumn 2020 Marlborough 518
Spring 2021 Not Contested due to Covid
Summer 2021 Marlborough & Wellington 518

Didier Prongue