When we were plunged back into Lockdown in January, the idea for the Year 6 play was born. We knew we would have the benefit of a vast array of background drops at the click of a button and so this was the year we could finally travel through time!

With the unlikely pairing of H.G. Wells and Doctor Who at the helm of ‘Millennium’ (played with great humour and sincerity in equal measure by Rocco and Olly W), the Y6 boys took us on a roller coaster ride through space and time, learning a few life lessons along the way!

Fantastic performances aplenty, we would like to make a special mention of the following: Teddy S’s gruff and outraged King John; Olly G’s heart-breaking Joan of Arc; Jack H’s groovy Pachacuti; James

D’s earnest and accomplished Alexander Hamilton; Carlo and Othniel’s super cool rapping as ‘The King of Bling’, Charles II and Xavier and Barnes who rehearsed and performed their authentic and affecting features as Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg respectively entirely by Zoom! Final mention must go to David R who channelled his inner Donald Trump with such aplomb to achieve a scene-stealing performance. “God speed, America!”

The show is very much a collaborative effort, but the real stars this year have been our home-grown Tech Team. Special mention to original members: Rory, Charlie C, James D, Jacob, Carlo, Oscar, Luigi, Max M (and later and most welcome additions- Jamie S and Kaylem) for their creative wizardry; to Jason for composing so much of the atmospheric music which underscores the production and to Oscar H for keeping the team on task and in order with his wonderful upbeat approach. Under the expert guidance of Mr Rudd and Mrs Piercy, these boys have put together large sections of the show, devoting countless break times and half-term holidays to getting the job done. We stand in awe of their achievements.

Thanks to all, not least Mr Rudd, who has worked so hard to bring the final cut together in time for the end of term: no mean feat!

Y6 Millennium: A Time Travel Musical