On Tuesday, 21st September, your son/s and daughter/s (Nursery) will be sitting for their annual individual and sibling photographs.

Boys must not come to school in games kit, they must wear either their summer uniform with a tie and blazer or their winter uniform.  In both cases, we will dispense with the sweater for the day. They should of course wear it to school on the day and leave it in the classroom when called to TNBC (The Studio).  If they need to, they can change into their games kit after lunch.

The boys would have been furnished with further information about the sibling photographs this week and you will receive a further reminder on Monday. In brief, the more senior siblings, with assistance from staff members, will be collecting their younger sibling/s, gather on the garden pitch outside the Pre-Prep building and then they will all be escorted to TNBC (The Studio).

The New Beacon will follow the present Covid-19 guidelines and the 3 Imago photographers in attendance will also have their own precautionary measures in place.

We look forward to seeing some lovely smiley faces on the day.

See this Imago flyer for details concerning the ordering of the photographs.